Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pending article--Introductory DJ'ing, or "Play That Funky Music, Elf-Boy"

As noted before, I'm both an SL Mentor and a SL DJ. One of the more common questions I get are requests from folks who've decided they really want to learn how to do that. So, fair warning, I'm gonna offer in this blog some general guidelines for how I got started, what equipment I use, and pointers for working the crowd and the mic. There are probably as many styles as there are DJ's, so feel free to adapt as you need to.

I learned my lesson from the last posting I did, which got completed several weeks after I started it due to a RL interruption, so I'm gonna split this into pieces small enough to be written in one setting. The last post also kinda turned into less a post than a freakin' essay, so hopefully, the short & sweet daily bits may actually also help keep me from lecturing too much or drafting a dissertation. Not gonna try to start it tonight, as it's waaay too late at night for me to launch into that now. But, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts.