Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy December and Merry Chrismakwanzakah!

Gonna go ahead and do my shoutout now, b/c let's face it, I rarely put much here these days. Fact of the matter is, I'm really not much in-world at all anymore, and that saddens me a bit. A few days ago, I hit my 3rd rezzday, and I was thinking of how much has changed. More to the point, I was thinking of how ironic it all feels, that with all the new cool stuff, like Havok4, Windlight, Sculpties, etc, I oddly find that I'm less amazed than ever by the place, *sigh*

Here's the thing. Three years ago, I stumbled into SL, or rather, into a community of fun-loving experimentalists in a madcap freewheeling world that Hamlet Au has so astutely described as "Bebop Reality." It was a weird, wild, wonderful community. It was not unlike the exhuberance that comes from the early college years, and I cherished the rare chance to relive that.

And then, over the past year, SL has grown up, graduated, and traded in the Ramones t-shirt for button-down oxfords.

I really, really, really hate the new feel of the place, and all the jazzy lag-inducing special effects don't cover up the problem at all, even a little bit. Used to be, it was a surprise and delight to catch a Linden just hanging out, and they were goofballs. THese days, think IRS agents. They have about as much sense of fashion and humor. There's more territory and more residents than ever, yet oddly, there's less to do. At least, less silliness, less goofiness, and less lighthearted fun. The place has been flooded w/ folks determined to make a buck here, and moreso, are actively disparaging everyone else who isn't here to do so, and they whine at full volume if they can't make their RL rent from their SL biz (and remember the exchange rate; you're really setting yourself up if you think that at around 250L per USD you're gonna rake in the big bucks off that 500L clothing set you're hawking).

Dunno. Maybe I'm just gloomy b/c I'm down with a sinus infection, and I've spent too much time reading the forum blogs tonight for lack of anything else to do. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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