Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall is falling!

And so I suddenly find myself with a bit of free time (shockingly) to actually do a blog entry! I"m astonished. Lots of new clubs added to the mix, and I've been sold at auction for Bid4aCure to help fund new research into eliminating diabetes.

I'm looking at adding a calendar to the site so I can refer folks here to check my schedule. I've set up a Google calendar and hopefully by the time you've read this, I'll have figured out how to add it to the blog. I've been more active in world lately, but I've been horribly remiss in posting my misadventures there.

Lemme see...Nocturne's back up and running, so I"m DJ'ing there in my old slot 6-8 PM. It's hard building up the crowds at that time (It's a little early for most), but much later causes me trouble in RL the next morning, since that's 8-10 PM in my time zone and Friday involves a 100 mile commute each way as I hit my most distant locale. I've also assumed the Twisted Tuesdays show at IGBC, desperately trying to fill Cooper's shoes as she takes over Wicked Wednesdays. And of course, I'm still kicking around in Eternity, at least as a minstrel if not much in the RP anymore.

Eternity's moving to a RP hud that I personally don't care for, but to each his/her/its own. It has sort of left me on the sidelines of most of the RP, but if the greater good benefits from SpellFire, then so be it. And so I sink back into the role of Enigmatic Figure Who Moves Mysteriously About On the Fringes.

That's preferable to me over the constant eating that I find problematic in SpellFire. You have a constantly degrading nourishment score for eating and drinking, kind of like a fuel tank. In my case, I find that my first-level character's fuel tank is so tiny I can't do much more than cruise around the proverbial parking lot of the gas station while waiting to level up enough that I can actually go somewhere and do something. That's frustrating to me. I'd rather not mess with it, even if that means I'm disqualified from most of the RP. I tried it several times and gave up in disgust when I couldn't walk from my house to the nearest tavern to at least get some conversation in while I sat and ate. And I drowned at every sim crossing b/c I ended up stuck under the water. That didn't help either. I have 4 sims to cross to get to the tavern. Not gonna happen.

So anyway, that's the news from Arc-Land. Now, to see if I can attach that calendar...

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