Friday, March 21, 2008

Upcoming Schedule

Hey, all! Been a rough week in RL, but fortunately, I have a GREAT virtual getaway. LJ and I've been terraforming our parcel into a nice slice of Jimmy Buffet-esque paradise this past week. If you're gonna get away from reality, ya might as well do it right!

Figured I'd set up a quick note on my current engagements as a professional DJ. Here's my upcoming DJ events for the weekend...

03/22/08 Saturday
12-2 PM SLT Feature DJ for Jocelyn's Hangout (DJ group's weekly showcase)
4-6 PM SLT GlamShack--Spinning classic & contemporary rock (requests always welcome)
6:30-8: 30 Blue Noise--Dance, techno, contemporary rock (plus wherever the requests go)

03/23/08 Sunday
1-3 PM SLT REDS--Classic thru contemporary rock, AC rock, alternative, etc. (requests, too)
6-8 PM SLT Nocturne--Hard rock, industrial, goth, darkwave w/ themed event & requests.

I"m gonna figure out how to link SLURLS into this blog in the near future. Shouldn't be all that hard; I just have to take the time to figure it out.

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Olivia Cascabel said...

/me shakes her head as she reaches for her sunglasses to cut the glare of that shirt. "Hard to believe with that get up that you actually clean up nice!" *ducks and giggles. Actually you look very Buffet and Key West honey. Cute pic! And for anyone else, Arcadian is one of THE best DJ's in all Second Life. He can go from trancing you to rocking you socks off. Definitely worth catching a show and discovering his talents for yourself!