Monday, April 7, 2008

Licensing woes

If you've somehow missed the high drama in the blogosphere related to the Second Life virtual world, well, there's been a LOT of drama stirred up by their recent odd about-face on licensing issues. Where they once freely allowed use of their logo and reference to them by name, things are now more...complicated.

Just to clarify, I DO NOT OWN OR OPERATE SL. My views are my own warped musings; Linden Lab deserves neither credit nor blame for them. There. I'm not sure that lets me off the legal hook, but this is a non-commercial blog anyway, so nyah. The infringement laws were designed with the intent of preventing Person A's creation from being co-opted for a profit by Persons B-Z. I'm not co-opting, and I'm darn sure not profiting or looking for profit.

Personally, the idea of using SL as a source of RL income in any way is kinda icky for me; it would cease to be my escape and rather would become just one more damn job, LOL. I go there to get AWAY from the pressures of a RL profession. It's my mini-Vegas. And remember the word "Amateur" means one who does it just for love of doing it. I think that concept doesn't get nearly enough respect...

Gotta dash for now, but I'll revisit this in a more detailed post when I have more time.


Olivia Cascabel said...

Hahaha.... Update MY blog? You just did your's silly boy, so double raspberries to you! And I don't think a personal blog falls under the licensing thing does it? Heck, now I'm so confused. You are the mentor no? Go find out! hahaha

Arcadian Vanalten said...

Yeah, I'm not sure about that. No one is, though, based on the stuff LL put forth in their new Branding Center. I mean, you're not allowed to reference it by name, use terms associated with it (like SLurl, etc), or even abbreviations unless certain specific conditions are met ("'Second Life' must be followed with 'world' or 'virtual world' when used in a sentence"); they're THAT kinda picky about some of it now. Further, violations will be a) pursued in RL litigation and b) are considered a ToS violation subject to immediate killing of your account. They're getting a LOT of concerned questions from a pile of concerned bloggers; they're supposed to get back w/ us and give further clarification.