Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Club Amor

OK, so I've been a bad blogger. RL's been screwing w/ me significantly. However, I DO have big news to report! My sis, who is one of the best club host/managers I've ever know (and in my line of work, I know a LOT) has decided to take the plunge and go forth into club ownership! We're all waaaaay excited by this, as she's a lady of warmth, style and class who really knows how to make everyone feel at home and yet have a complete BLAST (she's also a major goofball, so that kinda helps :-) ). The land's been bought, the club's been built (again, by her, cuz she's just that damn good); it's just down to the finishing touches on Club Amor and planning the opening.

Note that the goal of Club Amor has never been, nor will ever be, to be the hottest, biggest lagfest in SL. Really, we just got started talking about the times we missed when we were all at another long lost & lamented club. We missed having a place that was kinda like home; a place dedicated to the sheer joy of just hanging out w/ beloved friends who've become really more like family. And that, my friends, is the best part of SL anyway. Soooo, if you ever get the urge to check out a great place blending elegance w/o pretentiousness, where you can just come in, relax and hang out, check out Club Amor! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ocean%20Estate%203/235/241/23

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