Monday, July 7, 2008

Checkin' in

Wow, where has the time gone to? Seems like June just rocketed past. Was an extremely busy month, though. I'm proud to announce several milestones rolled past in that month. My long-time girlfriend (of about a year, which is forever in SL) and I formalized our relationship by partnering up officially in a glorious ceremony hosted by old friends at Emerald Island. Also, Bid4aCure wrapped up its campaign with a bang in a pair of auctions at The Escape Club on Journey Island. Kudos to Jocelyn for pulling off another brilliant campaign! We blasted past last year's amount raised, hit this year's goal and kept running significantly past that! Thanks again, everyone who contributed in any way! 100% of the income generated is donated to the American Diabetes Association/Diabetes UK to fund further research in eliminating this growing scourge.
While I SHOULD have exact final tallies, umm, I kinda don't have it at this writing (blushes at his lack of preparation for writing his blog). However, I'll have it shortly, and I'll update this posting accordingly.

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