Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fun with arrows...

OK, yeah, my last post was really pretty bummed out. I still agree w/ it; banking on making it rich in SL is up there w/ telling your high school guidance counselor that your career goal is to win the lottery. However, that bugs me less today.

In the interim, I've increased my presence in Eternity, an 18-sim fantasy kingdom w/ some of my favorite people in SL occupying it. I've been a part of the kingdom for years, but always as simply a semi-ooc service provider as the regular DJ for recurrent events there, but I just never had much time to get more involved than that. Well, until recently. It started innocently enough; I was killing time after a gig and got invited to check out the archery pit.

Quick aside: I'm running nowadays on a much, much spiffier gamer system than I had for the first few years I was in SL. And in that span, I played in Toxian (which is a favorite hangout of the Lag Monster). I'm used to fighting through crushing lag (2 fps was normal, less than 1 was not uncommon. 10 was downright luxurious). And since getting the new system, oddly, I've NOT done any combat in SL.

Combat on a system that gets 30+ fps in High Graphics Mode is a LOT different from what I'm used to. I kicked the archery gallery's butt :D.

So, I introduce you now to the latest Elven Archer of the Rangers of Eternity. Not sure I'll have free time to RP there in every storyline that comes up, but then again, I've always been happiest w/ Arc as Entertaining Supporting Cast Member rather than Leading Man, so it all works for me. I haven't been in-world at all this week; lately I've been hitting the grid one day out of 5 due to an active RL, but if they can handle my absences, I'm thrilled to be a more regular recurrent character in the ongoing sagas of Eternity.

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Amanda said...

Sounds like fun, Arc :) I wish I could get inworld more -- I miss my friends there. But yeah, I hear you on the active RL bit, and the husband and kids get all sorts of crabby if I disappear for too many hours...

As well they should :D